The club was founded by a group of golfers who enjoy the game immensely, and traditionally journeyed to Myrtle Beach, SC, in November each year for their final rounds of golf for the season.


President - Troy Young, Austell, GA

Vice President - Ed Milford, Clermont, FL
Secretary - Jim Brown, Germantown, WI
Treasurer - Charles Kimbrough, Milwaukee, WI

Events Director - Medford Turrentine, Allen, TX

Officers are elected each year at the annual meeting which is held in October.

President Emeritus - Ezell Banks, Sachse, TX

The Linksmen Golf Club currently has a membership roster of 66 African American gentlemen from various walks of life, who reside in 13 different states and the District of Columbia. Prospective members must be sponsored by three current members in good standing and must attend at least one tournament as a guest before applying. Initiation fees are $125.00, which includes annual dues of $75.00 for the first year. The initiation fee also covers the cost of two Linksmen Golf shirts and two golf caps.

The Membership Application can be found on the  Membership Roster page. Complete the application and forward it to the prospective member to be signed and returned along with the initiation fee.  There is also an online version at the bottom of the Membership Roster web page.

2017 Membership Dues

Two tournaments per year are played in different cities. The first tournament is normally held in March, and the second in October, in conjunction with the annual membership meeting. Additionally, small outings are held in various locations throughout the year. Members are also encouraged to play golf together whenever possible.

Information regarding upcoming tournaments can be found by selecting a specific location from the menu bar above.


Our club year runs from November 1 through October 31.


Each club member who desires to have his handicap calculated by the club is required to submit at least 10 scores per year. Handicaps are used to determine scores in all tournaments. The club uses a USGA sanctioned software system to generated and track handicaps for members.

Members must have at least 10 scores registered with the secretary within a 12-month period preceding any tournament to be eligible for awards. Scores should be submitted as rounds of golf are played to avoid a massive crunch just prior to a tournament.

ThE linksmen golf club constitution


Contact Us:

The Linksmen Golf Club

P.O. Box 134

Germantown, WI 53022-0134


The Original Linksmen

Kneeling left to right: Syl Hollman, Ezell Banks

Standing left to right: Jim Brown, Norm Carmichael, Darnell Clay, Sr.