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Thomas White

Orlando Tournament Results

Golf Course

Legends Golf & Country Club

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1700 Legendary Blvd

Clermont, FL 34711

Legends Website

Two Better Ball Competition

Thursday's practice round will be played using a Two Better Ball format.  Teams will be comprised of 3 or 4 players.  Each player will play his ball and record his score on each hole.  The two best scores for each hole will be added together and become the team score for each hole (example: two players on a team record a 4 and the other two team members record a 5 and 6, the team score for that hole is 8). 

First and second place prizes will be awarded for the lowest team scores.  All participants (including guests) will be included in this friendly and fun competition.

Senior Flight Guidelines

Friday & Saturday

  • Once a determination is made to include a Senior Flight at the outing, those who qualify as a Senior and who have made that selection will stay in that flight for both tournament days.

  • Players who elect to participate in the Senior Flight must be 65 Years of age or older by the first day of tournament play.

  • Senior Flight players will compete against only senior flight players for all tournament play.

  • Whenever possible (Course conditions permitting) the Senior Flight players will play from one tee box forward from the championship players group.

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