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2023 Membership Dues

Membership dues for the upcoming year remain at $125.00 and are due by 12/31/2022.

Please pay using Zellepay or Cash App to avoid credit card fees.  If you must pay with a credit card click on the link below.


Membership Contact

Below is the easiest way to contact another Linksmen:

  1. On your desktop computer or tablet go to our website at

  2. Click on Linksmen Portal,  then click on Sign in and Sign in as GOLFER.

  3. Type in your GSID (11958-XXX) and password to access the menu (your name will appear at the top. 

  4. To view a member's contact information, click on Players, the member's name, and Contact.

Membership Application

The sponsoring member must assist applicant with completing the form.  Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to remit the $125.00 Annual Membership Dues. 

Dues may be paid with Zellepay using email address -,

or CashApp with $Linksmen, or by credit card below.


Jerald Alexander.JPG

Jerald Alexander

Frisco, TX

Member Since: 5/23/99

Alexander, Robert.jpg

Robert Alexander

McLeansville, NC

Member Since: 12/1/05

Sheldon Allen Tampa.jpg

Sheldon Allen

Senoia, GA

Member Since: 3/9/02


Donald Barham

San Antonio, TX

Member Since: 10/20/04

Brooks, Michael_1.jpg

Michael Brooks

Oviedo, FL

Member Since: 10/9/15

Brown, Jim_2.jpg

Jim Brown

Germantown, WI

Member Since: 1/31/97

Buckley, Wayne.jpg

Wayne Buckley

Las Vegas, NV

Member Since: 12/21/19

Carmichael, Norm.jpg

Norman Carmichael

Alpharetta, GA

Member Since: 4/19/97

Crews, Bovell.jpg

Bovell Crews

Treasure Island, FL

Member Since: 11/7/08

Ford, Gov.jpg

Gov Ford

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 3/4/20

Gardaya, Virgil.png

Virgil Gardaya

Healdsburg, CA

Member Since: 7/10/12


Winford Goodnight

Mesquite, TX

Member Since: 10/8/16

Griffin, Jim.jpg

Jim Griffin

Palm Coast, FL

Member Since: 7/26/00

Hardy, James.JPG

James Hardy

Kissimmee, FL

Member Since: 9/1/05

Haslip, Brian.jpg

Brian Haslip

Sachse, TX

Member Since: 11/17/18

Horton, Rodney.JPG
Ivoey, Ed.jpg

Hosea Headd

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 2/13/97

Rodney Horton

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 10/21/99

Ed Ivory

Fleming Island, FL

Member Since: 10/26/01

Joiner, Terroll.jpg

Terroll Joiner

Winter Park, FL

Member Since: 3/20/18

Lawrence, Bill.JPG

Bill Lawrence

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 10/10/00

Lee, Arthur.jpg

Arthur Lee

Yorktown, VA

Member Since 10/26/2021

Leufroy, Eric.jpg

Eric Leufroy

Las Vegas, NV

Member Since: 12/12/11


Bill Lewis

Chapel Hill, NC

Member Since: 2/2/97


Dennis Obrecon

Henderson, NV

Member Since 2/11/1997

Powell, Eric.jpg

Eric Powell

Phoenix, AZ

Member Since: 9/11/14


Rick Lindsey

Plano, TX

Member Since: 6/21/13

McCaskey, Robert.jpg

Robert McCaskey

Waterbury, CT


Quin McRae

Burlington, NJ

Member Since: 5/14/04

Ed Milford.JPG
Mitchell, Cansell.jpg

Ed Milford

Clermont, FL

Member Since: 2/22/97

Cansel Mitchell

Maricopa, AZ

Member Since 9/9/2022


Tyrone Powell

Phoenix, AZ

Member Since: 12/13/09


Dale Price

Pickerington, OH

Member Since: 10/26/01

Jim Purtue

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 04/07/19


Jeff Quezaire

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 5/30/03

Richardson, Issac.jpg

Isaac Richardson

Flower Mound, TX

Member Since: 6/18/02

Rogers, Gary.jpg

Gary Rogers

Gloster, MS

Member Since: 3/12/16

Scott, Carnell.jpg
Carnell Scott
Seffner, FL
Member Since: 11/6/02
H Segar.JPG
Smith, Ed.jpg

Ed Smith

St Augustine, FL

Member Since: 4/21/1997

Henry Segar

Land O Lakes, FL

Member Since: 10/23/2004

Smith, Les.JPG

Les Smith

Milwaukee, WI

Member Since: 12/31/99

Tabb, Willie.JPG

Willie Tabb

Albion, MI

Member Since: 6/19/11

Thomas, 07.JPG

Ken Thomas

Glendale, WI

Member Since: 10/30/01

Turrentine, Medford.jpg

Medford Turrentine

Allen, TX

Member Since: 1/31/97


Alan Walker

Glendale, WI

Member Since: 4/4/03


Mike Watkins

Seffner, FL

Member Since: 3/12/02

White, Thomas.JPG

Thomas White

Windermere, FL

Member Since: 3/12/02

Williams, Earl.JPG

Earl Williams

Lawrenceville, GA

Member Since: 10/5/98

Mac Willis.jpg

Mac Willis

Griffin, GA

Member Since: 8/26/19

Young, Leslie.jpg
Young, 07.JPG

Les Young

Cedarburg, WI

Member Since: 1/29/19

Troy Young

Atlanta, GA

Member Since: 1/1/01

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